Squirt is so good, drink alot.

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We are having a Squirt Slogan Contest. The person who comes up with the best slogan will recieve a Free Can Of Squirt Via U.S. Mail!!!
Your slogan will also be placed on this page!

Here are some Examples:

Squirt: The most fun you can have with your pants on.

Squirt: Cheaper than Pot, Twice as Trippy.

Squirt: Doesn't kill you, unless someone throws the can at your head.

Squirt: The reason Darth Vaders helmet is so BIG.

Always Squirt A Cola, Dew Dew Dew Dew Dew, Dew Dew, Dew Dew Dew Dew, Dew

Mountain Dew: Shove it up your ass.

Squirt: Buy six and get a free plastic carrying case.

Squirt: Tastes better than Urin, unless your into that sort of thing.

Squirt: Take a bath in it for healthy skin.

Squirt: Bigger than the Beatles.

Squirt: Smaller than the Universe.

Squirt: It's better to SQUIRT than swallow !!!

Squirt: Would you rather do Calc Homework?

Squirt: If you suck on the can long enough you'll get some.

Squirt: You've done the dew, but have you squirted the squirt?

Squirt: It doesn't taste anything like a pop-tart.

Squirt: Time to change the sheets.

Squirt: It's fun to swallow.

Squirt: It's cold but it makes you feel good.

Squirt: A refreshing release after a long day.

Squirt: A little dab'll dew ya.

Squirt: It's not just for breakfast anymore.

Squirt: Your entire balenced diet.

Squirt: Illegal in Europe.

Squirt: Kills bugs dead.

Squirt: Low in saturated fat, hi in carbos.

Squirt: The incredible edible Squirt!

Squirt: Kills vampires like holy water.7

Squirt: Official drink of the Blues Brothers.

Squirt: Drink it to score.

Squirt: May casue cancer in pregnant woman who have just shot the mailman with a recycled pepsi can bullet from an old german berretta actually owned by a nazi party member who lived in berlin during the d-day attack.

Squirt: The source for cold fusion.

Squirt: Best when drunk in Slaughter House 5.

Squirt: Try it with ice-9.

Squirt: Gets rid of all the mud.

Squirt: Obviously your god want's you to die

Squirt: The official drink of Kilgor trout.

Squirt: The official drink of the millinium group

Squirt: 100% STD Free, even in Mexico!

Squirt: The only legal substance left

Squirt: Obey your thirst get squirt

Squirt: It's cheaper than buying a new pair of underwear!

Squirt: I bet MacGyver would drink it!

Squirt: Swallowed by all the presidents ladies.

Squirt: Shut yo mouth; but i'm talkin' bout squirt; then I can dig it

Squirt: dRiNk Up oR sHut uP!

Squirt: The haughtiest little rascal since charlie chaplin

Squirt: The bratiest undignified sly little fox since satin!

Just Squirt it.

Squirt: The Super Quenching Radical Intellectual Taste of the new millenium!

Squirt: Because life is too short to waste on cola.

Squirt: Not for children under 12. Void where prohibited.

Squirt: Hey, this is great bass!

Squirt: Cool verb, Cooler noun!

Squirt: don't be dum drink squirt

Squirt: Cause hydration is oh so important

Squirt: It's what's for dinner

Squirt: It's still your friend the next morning

Squirt: Bend over I Have your squirt!

Squirts: We've got 'em

Squirt: Don't Squirt it in your eye, it stings!!

Squirt: it tastes like a combo of bodily discharges.

Squirt: If Lewinski can take it so can you!

Squirt: God made Squirt, so Squirt can't hurt!!

Squirt: If Lewinski did it why can't you!

Squirt: Super Quencer, Universally Indulged, Radical Taste

Squirt: Because montain dew sucks.

Squirt: The "get rich quick drink", brought to you by Monica Lewinsky!!!!!!!!

Squirt: Now safe to drink

If you want to quench your thirst pop open a squirt

Squirt: A new sugary way to drink Urine.

Squirt: It's nothing but Just Dog urine only with a touch of grapefruit,sugar, and the stuff they use to make soda with. Ya feel me?

Squirt: It's not just something you do! It's something you can drink.

Squirt: Mix it with gin on ice for a hot day.

Stay cool with a little SQUIRT!!!

Squirt: The other clear soda.

Squirt: The best stuff on earth

Squirt: Squirt it up!

Squirt: More than a mouthful isn't a waste!


Squirt: Its a body function. NOT A DRINK!!!

Squirt: An alternative to a 'messy' suicide!

Squirt....You complete me!!!

I shall call it......Squirto

Squirt:The main ingrediant of agent orange

Squirt: KOOL STUFF !!!

One day i was walking throught he park, there was a guy selling ice-cream, he said to me, "would you like to buy some ice-cream?" Of course i said, "your mother won't stop throwing broccoli at me, and i like pie." and just outside the park on 32nd street, i witnessed a lady talking to herself and pulling a pringles can off some moron's hand. naturally, i went directly to the circus cause i hear the great baby raper was in town, and that's the greatest show on earth. he told me that the only path to true happiness lies within my ability to see through womens' clothing. so i told him i always brush twice a day, and he said in reply, porqenia means small. which lead me to believe that my car was almost done in the garage and i had to shop for blow-up dolls before the millenium party. And then i heard the colonel yell, "get down, we're under attack!" so as any man would do i called the lesbian twins and asked them if they could touch their elbows behind thier backs. Just then, out of nowhere (well he had to come from somewhere, but we don't know where) Evil Kenevil came flying in on a cow, and i said smoke your own kielbasi you smarty gook.

It's Squirtalicious!

Squirt: el refresco mas fino

Squirt: Gotta have it! PLEASE

Squirt: What you drink when you don't have beer, hard A, or Listerine

Squirt: Hey, At least it's not Tab

C'mon man, lift up your Squirt and DRINK!

Squirt:Do you have the "Squirts"

Squirt: The drink of the year 2001 (the real beginning of the new millennium).

Squirt: The only squirting you can do in public and not get fined for!

Got Squirt?

Squirt: I used to suck dick for it.

Squirt: The Other Wet One!

Squirt: Not bad ... Not bad.


u gotta Squirt?

It's ok to give someone a good Squirt!

Squirt me.

I'd love to Squirt you.

Squirt: Drink it to score.

Squirt: Blow Me, Then Leave!

Squirt bukakke!

Just a Squirt will do!

Don't be a jerk drink Squirt!

Squirt: Just slam it.

Squirt: You'll WANT to swallow!

Makes you Squirt!

Squirt: Don't leave home without it.

Squirt is the Real Deal.

We all know you gotta swallow the Squirt!

Squirt: I was gonna.

Squirt: Getter Done!

Squirt: The only soda good with hot cheetos.

Squirt: (splash) my ass hurts.

Squirt: It's like crack. Only more addictive.

SqUirT It DoN't SpRaY iT!

I love to swallow squirt!

I love the yummy white tast of SqUiRt!!!

If your soo horney just SQUirt!

Squirt: Just one sip and you'll be in heaven. Because it will kill you.

Squirt: It's like a slam dunk in your mouth

Squirt: ali-oop for you tastebuds! ... drink up people ... ahhhh ... its good stuff!!!! ... oooo its good!

Squirt: it feeds your hunger!!

Squirt: give it to you dog when he misbehaves

Squirt: it's not crunchy like some other foods ... like celery ... it's smooth like a lolli-pop!

Buck up and drink some Squirt!

Through the teeth and past the gums look out stomach here it comes!......oooohhhhh squirt!!!...oooooohhh tastes sooooooo good!

Squirt: Makes a handy water gun on a host summery day! ... be careful where you aim that thing!

Squirts in you mouth, not in you hand.

Now when she tells her girlfiends she had a Squirt last night she might not be teasing 'bout your size!

Squirt: Grapefruit In A Can!!!

Squirt: Just shut up and drink it already!

Squirt: The finest carbonated beverage created by the mind of man!


You've got a lot to live and the Nazi's at Pepsi have a lot to give.

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