Squirt is so good, drink alot.

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Boy is this a bunch of B.S.!!

  • Agent Ruby and Grape were sent on a mission to protect "The Easter Bunny". While we cannot divulge any information about "Setec Astronomy" we will explain what really started the Gulf Skirmish.

  • Sudam Hussain, not the most stable of individuals, really likes Squirt. He actually has fresh Squirt flown in from America every morning so that he can have it for breakfast.

  • Some day in some month about some year 1990, Sudam himself went to his son in law's daughter's pet groomer's grandfather's wedding. He would usually not have attended because the grandfather, and most of the family, were from Kuwait. However they promised him as much Squirt as he could drink if he were to attend. Needless to say he went.

  • Well half way through the ceremony he got out of his seat and went to the buffet table to get another Squirt. Little did he know, the Squirt cooler had been taken to the kitchen to be restocked with ice. Assuming they had run out, Sudam flew into a Gorilla like rage and pledged to "Take All The Squirt From Your Stupid Little Country."

    That is the real reason the Gulf Skirmish started.

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